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Mother's Day Traditions

Nobody has your back like your MAMA

We all have our way of honoring our Mothers on this special day May 12th.  There are those who are blessed to spend the day with them and celebrate with Church services and maybe lunch and a big bouquet of flowers! I celebrate my mom with the precious memories she left behind as part of her legacy for my sisters and me. However we choose to spend the day, we should all know that Mothers Rule the World.They do so with Love, Compassion and Understanding.  We owe them all the honor we can muster.  We Owe them everything we are! 

 My mom taught me that the best things in life are FREE! Here are 5 things to give your mother that are totally FREE!  She will love them!

1.  A big Hug and Kiss from the bottom of your heart.

2.  Lots of good for the soul!

3.  Pamper her with a day off... to do as she pleases!

4.  Make her a delicious home cooked meal...YOU owe her many!

5. Have a game night or movie night...Her choice!

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A Little Introduction

A Little Introduction

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