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A Little Introduction

A Little Introduction

Welcome to Apparel Garden! All are welcomed and celebrated!
Kristen McCall
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Embellish Your Style For Recruitment 2018

| Trends and Tips for Recruitment 2018 |

Here at Antique Garden Boutique we know a thing or two about the days ahead of you. Recruitment is an amazing experience- days full of non-stop action, sprinting to your next house, door songs, and lining up correctly in "reverse-alpha order" and finding the perfect house with the perfect sisters...

Accumula Collaborator
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What to Wear for Valentine's Day 2018

What to Wear for Valentine's Day 2018

We've rounded up a few of our best Valentine's Day outfits for a night out or in, no matter what your plans may be! Check them out!! xx
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Spring 2017 Trends: The 5 Looks You Need to Know

Can you believe it? Spring is almost here! There's something so rejuvenating about the beginning of a new season. We are ready for the warmer weather and refreshing breeze. Even though it's been a mild winter, it's about time for the grass to be green again. 
Spring fashion has always been known for brighter colors, flowy dresses, and light-weight fabric.Trends, on the other hand, have a habit of popping up just when you’ve completely forgotten they ever existed (hello, flare jeans!). We have put together the 5 spring trends you need-to-know this season. This is taking fashion week style into the streets of everyday life.

1. Head-to-Toe Florals

Nothing says spring quite like florals, right?! From New York Fashion Week to everyday office wear, bright floral prints are everywhere this season. You can mix and match prints or just stick with a cute shift dress. As long as you're showing off some bold blooms, you really can't go wrong. Featuring the Painted Garden Dress, Ring A Roses Dress, the Nicole High-Low Dress, and the Latte Swing Tunic

2. Showing Some Shoulder

This is a fall trend that has trickled its way into spring. Of course now it is the perfect way to ease yourself into showing a little skin as we get into hotter months. There are a few ways to rock the shoulder look--with little peek-a-boo cut outs, a slouchy shoulder (read: elastic top that lets you put it above or below your shoulder), or an entire off-the-shoulder look. Let the sun shine on your shoulders this spring with the Myra Off the Shoulder TopLove Letter Tube Top, or the Roxy Blouse.

3. Peplum Love

Raise your hand if you unashamedly own too many peplums? We're definitely in that group! There is something about a good peplum that is flattering, flirty, but still casual enough for the day-to-day grind. Somehow this is a trend that just never dies and continues to stick around through the seasons (years?). Invest yourself in a decent peplum and get the good times rollin'. Pictured here are the Shea Babydoll Tank, Emma Peplum, and Silver Linings Top.

4. Stripes on Stripes

Just like every other trend, stripes have made a scene on the red carpet lately and it definitely needs a space in your closet. It is one of the most wearable trends and something you can pull off even after spring. Each of the items featured here are a nautical blue and white striped look, like the Cactus Dress, Harper A-Line Dress, and Livvy Cold Shoulder Dress. But, that doesn't mean you should just stick with primary colors. We have also seen a lot of funky color combinations with stripes, so go crazy! Let your personality shine through with the colors you really adore. 

5. Minimalism

Minimalism is a concept that has been around for decades, but it is really starting to show up again this year. Think perfectly crisp white tees with effortlessly slim blue jeans--no frills or fringe or buttons or sequins. We're getting back to the basics with solid colors, simple silhouettes, and timeless pieces. The best part of minimalism? Your wardrobe will be full of items that always mix and match. Some staple dresses include the Draped Porter, Sonnet Racerback, Sarita Maxi, and the Aubrey Ribbed Bowtie.
The AG Team
Kira Willimann
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What to Pack for Spring Break: The 5 Necessities when Traveling

Can't you just feel it in the air? Spring break is next week! After carefully planning your beach getaway or your cabin retreat in the mountains, the last thing you want to do is pack. It's either carefully thought out, minimalist light-packing that takes hours as you debate over which shoes to bring, or it's the last-minute hustled over-packing because you didn't have time to really think things through. Or maybe you really do need 8 pairs of shoes. Regardless, when it comes to packing, we stick to 5 simple rules.
1. Comfort
We all know you look adorable in those 2 inch heels, but no one wants be uncomfortable while traveling. Even if it's just a short distance, those cramped spaces you have to deal with in the back seat of a car or next to the stranger on the plane, will leave you wanting to feel your best. We recommend soft, flowy pieces like the Emma Peplum, Scarlett Joggers, or Madison Ruched Shorts.
2. Wrinkle-Resistant Clothes
This one is pretty self-explanatory. No one wants to bring an iron or steamer with them while they're traveling, not even if it's their favorite shirt. Leave the wrinkly pieces at home and pack the fabrics that can withstand your suitcase being tossed around. You definitely can't go wrong with some sturdy denim, a little khaki, and then a special piece like the Better Together Dress.
3. Your Favorite Basics
This would be your staple pieces that have stood the test of time. It might be a dress that always covers your trouble areas, a pair of flattering shorts, or those leather sandals that match everything. Just think, what would I never leave home without?
4. Mix 'n Match
 Each item you bring not only needs to be comfortable and beautiful, but also versatile. If you can't wear it with more than one outfit, then don't bother. For example, the Myra Off Shoulder Top can be worn over your swimsuit top or a bralette, paired with shorts or jeans, and can even be pulled off with heels or sandals. Some other great versatile pieces include the Cloud Tie Dye Dress and the Latte Swing Tunic.
5. Make a Statement
This is where you throw every practicality out the window. Yes, you want comfortable clothes that are versatile enough to go with multiple outfits. Yet, you are on vacation and may never return to that location again. Bring just one statement piece that makes you feel confident and beautiful. It'll help spice up your capsule wardrobe, plus you can pull it out for that special occasion night out. You can go with a bold pattern like the Painted Garden Dress or a dramatic silhouette like the Nicole Dress.
This week enjoy free shipping on all clothing purchases with the code: FREESHIP! Just in time before spring break.
Bon Voyage!
-The AG Team
Kira Willimann
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5 Days, 5 Ways: The Jayson Pants

We are bring back on of our classic series, 5 Days, 5 Ways! We all have had moments of trying on cute clothes in a store, to only stop and think, "What would I actually wear this with?" This little series tries to help you answer that question. We try to handpick pieces for our store that are beautiful, comfortable, and versatile. So versatile, that you should be able to wear it 5 days, styled 5 completely different ways. 
The jogger pant has made a huge trend in current fashion. We all love to stay comfy in our sweatpants at home, and a jogger pant is an elevated sweat pant that is acceptable to see on a runway. The Jayson Pant is soft, loose, with a cinch at the bottom to provide some definition. Once you put these on, you'll won't want to take them off.
1. Sydney Tee and Madrid Kimono
Everyone loves a good basic white tee. The Sydney Tee is an upgrade of the classic with a little asymmetrical knot on one side. Throw the Madrid Kimono over it and you have a multi-dimensional outfit that looks put together while you enjoy the soft, flowy fabric.
2. Cadet Tee
Dress it up! The Cadet Tee is almost a suede-like material with a dramatic open back. Show off a strappy bra in the back and a statement necklace in the front. Even though the Jayson Pant is a bit more casual, paired with the right heels, you are ready to go out.
3. Rosco Tank and Angela Cardigan
Make a statement. The Rosco Tank features a bold, ombre tie-dye that compliments the simplicity in the Jayson Pant. Soften the whole look with the lightweight Angela Cardigan for those early spring days. 
4. Road Trip Jacket
Jean jackets are back! Sport your vintage denim that has been hiding in your closet or snag one of the new Road Trip Jackets. If you are not a fan of rocking denim on denim, the Jayson Pants are a perfect match for your jacket. You can go really urban with some combat boots or even a well-loved snapback.
5. Kira Jersey
If you're not into layering, or are just in a phase of life that forces you to get dressed and go, the Kira Jersey is for you. This lightweight, loose tee covers any trouble areas while showing off some cute trim on the sleeves. Trust us, paired with the Jayson Pants, this will become your new uniform. It's hard to resist when it feels that soft.
Bonus: Provence Jacket and Double Dutch Tank
Bonus! We love these pants so much it was hard to narrow it down to just 5 ways. The Double Dutch Tank treads that fine line between fashion and athleisure. Wear the tank by itself to show off the double twisted back or layer it with the Provence Jacket for that lunch date with your girlfriends. 
Happy Early Valentine's!
-The AG Team
Kira Willimann
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Get Your Crafting On: Inspiration from our Arts and Crafts Sale

A little back story...our sister company, Vintage Spirit, dissolved a few years ago. They used to make t-shirts, magnets, magnet boards, picture frames, and all sorts of unique items. We finally are getting around to cleaning out our warehouse of finds and offering these items to the public! For the month of January we have been hosting an "Arts and Crafts" sale at our store front. This is perfect for anyone who has a creative spirit and enjoys making crafts. We have items like scrapbooking paper, vintage jewelry pieces, picture frames, vintage mannequins, you name it. Here is a little DIY inspiration for what to create with these items.
Scrapbook Paper:
A Crafty Clipboard
Update your boring brown clipboard into something more fun. With some simple scrapbook paper a modge podge, you can transform it. Check out this step by step instructions here.
Scrapbook Paper Wreath
Wreaths always add an extra warm to your front door or a nook in your home. Create your own littles flowers with scrapbook paper into accordion circles. You can choose paper the reflects the season or something more neutral to hang year-round. Find the tutorial here.
Personalized Key Covers
If you have too many keys on your keychain or frequently fumble for the right key, this little craft is for you. Color code each of your keys with scrapbook paper as a practical way to remember each of your keys. Even if you don't have that many keys, this little tutorial here jazzes up your keychain in a personal, colorful way.
Vintage Jewelry:
Ribbon Bookmarks
If you're anything like us, a simple piece of paper or a receipt often has to take the place of a bookmark so it's about time for an upgrade. Create bookmarks that will last and a look beautiful hanging out of your novel. This is also a cost efficient, thoughtful gift for any of your bookish friends. Follow the instructions here to make it yourself!
Refrigerator Magnets
 Simple, round magnets are available at virtually any hardware store. For this DIY purchase a basic magnet and then hot glue your vintage jewelry piece of choice. A more detailed instruction guide can be found here.
Gift Wrapping
This little DIY is pretty self explanatory. Spice up your gift wrappings with a vintage jewelry piece. Simply hot glue the jewelry to the ribbon on a present to give it that extra little detail. Yup, it's really that easy!
Picture Frames:
Picture Frame Key Holder
Ensure your keys never get lost again. This picture frame key holder designates a spot for your keys and will brighten the entryway to your home. Follow the instructions here
Jewelry Organizer
 Jewelry boxes or even ring dishes are often unorganized and somehow everything always gets tangled. Pick out your favorite pieces and display them on your bedroom wall in this picture frame jewelry organizer. It's always nice to be able to see everything when trying to decide what to wear each day. Find the instructions here to make your own!
Happy crafting!
-The AG Team
Kira Willimann
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Gift Guide for this Holiday Season

We all have that special someone in our life that is nearly impossible to shop for. Here at Antique Garden, we try to make that process easier by offering free shipping during the holiday season, create pre-paired gift packages, and put together this little gift guide of thoughtful, local products. 
The Sooner Fan
Located in Norman, Oklahoma, we all know that OU is the best university around. This little guide is for the ultimate Sooner Fan (hint: they probably already bought their Sugar Bowl tickets). Besides the scarf and necklace package, each of these items are hand made by local artists, some of them are Antique Garden exclusives! These gifts will allow them to show off their Sooner pride at a game and in their home.
The Wine Lover
This is the friend that always knows the perfect pairing of a wine with each meal. Together you might occasionally share a bottle over lunch or even joke about how much they love wine. Either way, any of these gifts would give them the hint to un"wine"d this holiday season.
The Planner
Know anyone that's type A? Maybe a friend who writes down their entire semester during the first week of class or makes lunch plans weeks in advance. Give her the gift of an agenda (for her other agenda, of course), a candle to relax, and a stunning power outfit. 
No matter what kind of special someone you have in your life, we're here to help you out. All online orders will receive free shipping until December 18th and all in-store purchases can be gift wrapped and shipped with a simple $5 flat rate! Let's simplify this holiday season.
-The AG Team
Kira Willimann
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Christmas Simplified

It's the most bundl-iful time of year! We've taken the guesswork out of Christmas shopping with our specially pre-paired gift packages. Curated from best sellers & customer favorites, these gifts are proven winners. We've chosen clothes that fit a variety of body types, with easy-to-wear cardigans and cozy sweaters, as well as wonderful home goods to brighten your holidays. Here's a sneak peek at some of our best gift packages.
In tune with keeping Christmas Simplified, we're offering free shipping on all online orders until December 18th (the last day to ensure your package will arrive in time for the big day)! For all of your in-store purchases we can still ship to your love ones for a simple $5 flat rate. We'll wrap it up, enclose a thoughtful greeting card, and ship by the date you give us! 
"Warm & Fuzzy Feelings"
The "Warm & Fuzzy Feelings" package includes the Luna Sweater, black fleece lined leggings, and a triple strand suede choker necklace in ivory. Bundle up in the softest sweater you'll ever own! The Luna sweater is long enough to be worn as a dress with a slip underneath or you can effortlessly throw it on over leggings. This package is valued at $88, but is now $55. 
"Sugar & Spice"
The "Sugar & Spice" package includes the Vines Floral Tank, the Mattie Dolman Sweater, and the Serina Jeans in dark blue. This color combination is a match made! We love how the sweater plays on the purple hues in the tank. Each of these pieces are a staple for any closet. Wear this outfit together or invent new outfits with your current wardrobe. This package is valued at $138, but is now $115.
"Sip Happens"
The "Sip Happens" package includes a coffee mug and spoon by Mud Pie and a Common Grounds coffee scented candle tin of your choice! Who doesn't love coffee?! The Mud Pie coffee mug and spoon pairing is just darling--your coffee stirrer is built in. We understand the need for "Coffee Stat" since "Mornings are Brew-Tal." This package is valued at $34, but is now $25.
"Chicken & Waffles"
The "Chicken & Waffles" package includes the Aztec Poncho, the Bing Thermal in burgundy, and a pair of fleece lined leggings in black. Get in the holiday spirit in this cozy crimson thermal or cheer on your favorite team for the Sugar Bowl! The thermal can be worn on it's own or wear the poncho over it for the colder days this winter. This package is valued at $106, but is now $85.
"Oh Deer"
The "Oh Deer" package includes the deer mug and matching tray. It offers a little holiday flair with the gold foil finish and cheery green color, but can be used year-round! This package is valued at $20.50, but is now $15.
"X's & O's"
The "X's & O's" package includes the Krysten Knit Poncho in charcoal, the Criss-Cross Crimson Dress, and a pair of fleece lined leggings in black. Holiday parties? Family gatherings? Grabbing coffee with friends? We've got you covered. Dress this up with a necklace and some heels or dress it down with a cute pair of sneakers. This package is valued at $102, and is now $75.
"Work It!"
The "Work It!" package includes the Free People Madrid Muscle Tank in your choice of heathered blue, white, or granola, a pair of Free People Turnout Leggings in black, and a strappy bra in black. Buy for yourself to start those New Year's resolutions early! Wake up and work it! Of course, it's ideal for any yogi, rock climber, ballerina, or athleisure lover in your life. This package is valued at $164, and is now $105.
"Infinity & Beyond"
The "Infinity & Beyond" package includes a cable knit infinity scarf in burgundy, and a gold Oklahoma state necklace. This is perfect gift for any Sooner fan or Okie in your life. The best part? You don't have to worry about fit issues! This package is valued at $42, and is now $25.
"Between the Lines"
The "Between the Lines" package includes the Cierra Top in olive, the Wyatt Plaid Button Down, and a pair of fleece lined leggings in black. Due to the flowy nature of this look, it is great for any body type. Bundle up on Christmas morning in this comfy outfit. This package is valued at $129, and is now $95.
Happy Holidays!
-The AG Team
Kira Willimann
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P.S.S.T. - Personal Shopping and Styling Tips

After weeks of planning, we are excited to announce our new feature, Psst.! Psst. stands for Personal Shopping and Styling Tips. As women that lead busy lives, it can be difficult to carve out time for personal shopping, much less understanding what looks best on you. Most days it's easier to gravitate towards a basic tee and some comfy jeans. While there is nothing wrong with a casual look, the AG Team wants to help you achieve the most beautiful version of yourself.
We have selected a group of amazing stylists that understand various body types, current trends, and how to use clothes and accessories to compliment natural beauty. 
 Meet our first stylist, Bobi. Bobi is a fearless mother to three amazing women--all with unique styles and body shapes. She has worked at Antique Garden for years, and has strong understanding of what's current in fashion and how to accessorize effortlessly. If you are trying on a gorgeous evening dress at the store, she'll always find the perfect necklace to match for your night out. When we first talked about launching Psst., she was the obvious choice as our first stylist. Listed below are six outfits coordinated by Bobi that you could easily transition into your personal wardrobe.
Classic Sense of Style
"For the girl with a classic sense of style, loves color and a bit of flair. The diamond stitch oversized sweater is great over skinny jeans for a look that hides any upper body flaws on any body type. This is a perfect winter outfit if you are someone who avoids a heavy coat when that winter wind blows!"
Monochromatic Hues
"This outfit has simple lines. I love this combination because the pieces are so versatile. Mix and match them with other pieces you already have at home for multiple outfit possibilities. The cardigan jacket can be worn open as a winter coat and hides a thicker waist and upper body."
A Little Bit of Sass
"This poncho fits everyone incredibly well--thick or thin, short or tall. It's paired with my favorite thermal top that flares a bit through the middle. Together, they are a game stopper. Pair it with a bit of a heel on the bootie to add some height and sass."
Long-Legged Beauty
"This classic olive shirt dress is perfect for that tall long legged beauty. You can wear it buttoned up, or leave it open as a layering piece. Underneath, a hand dyed Tolani silk dress adds that flash of gorgeous fall color. Together with an over-the-knee boot flatters those long legs and adds a bit of flavor as well."
All Bundled Up
"This outfit calls to that gal who loves cozy. The long Sherpa jacket says, 'Oh-la la' when that winter wind comes a callin'. The Free People vegan leggings make your legs feel trim and fancy. Hybrid heels add an element of fun to your look!"
Winter Lover
"This girl loves the winter. There is nothing like a pair of good fitting skinnies and a long flowy top to hide those little body flaws that plaque us all. The classic red wool coat is here just in time for 'old man winter.' Just add the oversized cable knit scarf and you will be saying 'bring on the snow!'"
We hope you are as excited about our new feature as we are! This feature is twofold: in store and online. Online, there is a new tab on our website (conveniently located in the menu bar) that displays some of our favorite outfit combinations including how to accessorize. The in store feature allows you to work closely with our personal stylists one-on-one! As of right now we are only offering a Tuesday service (Personal Shopping and Styling Tuesdays! Mark that on your calendar every week), but will hopefully expand to a weekend date as well. If you are in Norman, give us a call to schedule an appointment or just stop by our storefront and ask for Bobi. 
Make sure to swing by the store on Tuesdays and say hello to Bobi. If you can't make it to Norman, you can always use our new Psst. tab to check out our latest outfit pairings online. Regardless, we are here to help make you feel like the most confident version of yourself. 
The AG Team
Kira Willimann
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Emily Virgin, Oklahoma State Representative, meets with owner of Antique Garden in Norman, Oklahoma.

Local Heroes: State Representative Emily Virgin

We're launching a new blog series honoring local heroes! To kick off the series, we invited State Representative Emily Virgin to sit down with Barb in our shop to discuss her inspirations, the issues facing our community, and why we need more women in the legislature.

Michaela Lawson
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Decorating Your Home for the "Fall-idays"

As Halloween starts off the holiday season, we're getting ready for the abundance of fall gatherings to come in the last months of the year. It's a time of getting together, sharing meals, and decorating with friends. Instead of becoming overwhelmed this time of year, make the most of your gatherings. Decorate simply, encourage your guests to bring a plate to share, and engage with one another over some festive wassel or a glass of wine.
Front Porch
The ultimate first impression of a gathering is the front porch - your greatest welcoming party! It's always nice to be greeted at the door with decorations. But, don't worry hosts and hostesses, you can skip the ornate light show and blow up holiday characters. Less is more! Even the smallest of porches can be spiced up with a friendly door mat and a door decoration - whether it be a wood snowflake or a wreath. The festive entrance to your home automatically puts your guests in the holiday spirit and makes your home more inviting.
Plating the Table
For meals shared around the table, we encourage a family-style set up. Having each of your guests bring one of their signature dishes not only encourages adventure, but it prevents the host from spending their entire day cooking (and cleaning all those dishes after!). Just make sure to provide enough serving utensils, like these fun spoons from Mud Pie. 
The Centerpiece
Centerpieces can always be a bit tricky - the ideal centerpiece accents the table without taking up too much room or blocking people's views. These wood baskets add the perfect touch for virtually any holiday with the simple additions of holiday-relevant decorations. For the Fall, we suggest a few small pumpkins and (you won't believe they're not real) succulents. Bonus: You can keep these centerpieces year-round and filled with your favorite plants, like the greenery above. 
Cozy Candles
Warm scents and cozy lighting can dramatically change a space! Have a seasonal candle burning before your guests arrive for that extra welcoming touch. We even love having multiple unscented candles burning for some extra warm lighting. Even if the weather outside isn't "frightful," you can still create a cozy indoor environment with candle light.
Glass and Wood Accents
Decorations don't have to be bright, flashy, or gaudy. Accent your home with seasonal textures like wood, metallic finishes (gold, silver, copper), and glass. Mercury glass adds a little shimmer to your home with a vintage feel, while heavier textures like wood offers a more earthy vibe. Style it by placing a few tea lights in a glass votive on a coffee table, a wood bowl on a shelf, and a few copper pieces in the dining room.
Hostess Gift
For guests, remember to show your appreciation to the host of the get-togther. But, you don't have to bring the figgy pudding or fruit cake. If you're a guest that has a hard time in the kitchen, bring a drink to share instead of a dish! And for extra measure, slip your gift into a festive bag like this "Sparkle & Wine" tote - bonus: handles! - which is appropriate for all seasons.
Decorate Together!
After sharing a meal and a few laughs, decorate for the upcoming holidays together! There is a lot of take-down and put-up with Halloween,Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's decorations back-to-back (to-back-to-back). Transitioning from one holiday to the next is more fun with company - and the work goes by faster. Or, you could opt for more season-neutral decor like a pine cone garland, a metallic-potted-plant, and a wooden deer bust to keep up for the next few months.
Happy holidays! Enjoy your time with family and friends.
The AG Team
Kira Willimann
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