A Little Introduction– Apparel Garden
A Little Introduction

A Little Introduction

Life is a journey, it’s the phrase that easily becomes cliche when you deal with the day-to-day, seemingly mundane, aspects of your life. A journey to what? The next meeting, soccer practice, yoga class.....where are we going?

I’m Kristen; wife, mom/PTA mom (insert “Bad Moms” meme), daughter, sister, friend.....and like most of my mom friends, I forgot that I was also KRISTEN! One day, while cruising social media in the 5-10 minutes of alone time that day, I came across this request from a store I followed. Enter, Apparel Garden (formerly known as “Antique Garden”). They were looking for Plus-Size models for their clothing. I know, you just cringed and said “I would never do that, you’re crazy”! And yes, for a moment, I was freaking out about what I just committed to.

Let’s go back about 15 years.....I was alone in my apartment in Dallas, TX, 3-hours from home, beginning what I believed to be my dream at The Art Institute. I was terrified and riddled with anxiety, no sign of the confidence I believed I possessed. Nope, that girl was a phony, she never existed. That confident girl would have known how to handle this change. However, the REAL Kristen, the one who questioned every decision she made up to this point, spent most nights alone. This anxiety-ridden year was horrific and made me nervous about what might happen when those “real” frightening life moments came about. 
That year did exactly what it was supposed to. It put my insecurities on full-display. I had to learn how to cope, and more importantly, I had to learn to love who I was, ALL ALONE. I had to love me, because I would never be able to love someone else if I couldn’t love myself. 

Fast-forward 5 years to 2010....this Kristen was different. This Kristen KNEW who she was. This Kristen was a fighter. She knew she could survive the hard things (more on this in a following post). 

Confidence was natural, not because people told me I could do it, but because I BELIEVED I COULD. There is no greater gift in this world than finding your inner confidence. 
It was this confidence that said “send the photos”. I’m not a size two, heck, I’m not even a size 12....but I guarantee you, my confidence is not measured by my waistline. How I look has never defined me, and that is what I want for my daughter. SHE is my reason for stepping in front of the camera. 

Let’s be honest for a minute. Raise your hand if the last person you want your daughter to look up to is the latest Insta-Star.....yeah, me either. I need my daughter to have real people to look up to and idolize! There is NO ONE better to do that, than her mom. 

Maybe the next time she is faced with a challenge, she will remember those pictures and say “I know I can do anything, mom showed me that”. Don’t let past experiences or failures be the reason you never try. Believe in yourself and everything else becomes natural.

Talk soon,


Kristen McCall  



Kristen McCall


Kristen McCall

Kristen you are so inspiring and we are so glad to have you as part of our very limited crew! Looking forward to more thoughts from you!

Kristen McCall

I’ve always admired your confidence. Your sweet kids are so very lucky to have you as their mom. You are gorgeous inside and out!!


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