Hotline Hairties - Singles - 5 colors to choose from

$ 3.00
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Hotline Hair Ties - Singles - 5 Colors to choose from

Sold as 1 each choose colors from Leopard Brown, Leopard Black & White, Leopard Black, Yellow & White, Copper or Black

  • Comfortable
  • Strong
  • Shrinkable
  • Antibacterial
  • Fashionable
  • No Headaches
  • No Hair Damage
  • No Hair Creases

Hair Ties have been the same for YEARS, and don't you think it's time they were updated to not only be better for your hair, but to also be comfortable and stylish? Hotlines are all that & more! They're super strong and will hold together the messiest of messy buns. Because of the coil design, they grip hair firmly without pulling, tearing, or creasing your hair. 

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