Hair Dye Chalk Combs 10 Colors

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If you like designing your hair, our washable hair chalk sets  can help you express your personality and creativity.

You can use them individually or mix the colors. Various colors all blend into one another creating so many different looks. Make your hair as vibrant as you are.

This fun hair dye chalk come packaged in a box with 10 different colored combs. Each comb will last 5-10 applications depending on how much is applied.

Does Not Easy Show Color on Black & Brown Hair.


Step 1: Spray the hair you want to dye with water.

Step 2: Straighten the hair you are going to dye first, then comb clockwise to dye.

Step 3: After dyeing, you can use a comb or hair dryer to create your favorite hairstyle.

Non-toxic & Easy to Clean.

This temporary hair dye is non-allergenic, non-toxic and water-soluble and environmentally friendly and long lasting up to 3 days; apply it to hair evenly from top to bottom and washes out with ordinary shampoo and water.


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